Ultrasonic spray coating

Spray coating techniques are used to obtain thin films by the formation of fine droplets of the coating solution that are deposited on the substrate. In spray coating devices, pressurized air is used to atomize the liquid flow coming from the syringe into small droplets. These droplets are then deposited on the substrate, where they… Continue reading Ultrasonic spray coating

Dip coating process

Dip coating is a widely used deposition technique used to obtain nanometric films. Dip Coating deposition process can be divided into five steps. In the continuous process, the steps are carried out directly after each other: Immersion: The substrate is immersed into a solution of the material to be deposited at a constant immersion rate.… Continue reading Dip coating process

Electrospinning, an overview

Electrospinning technique was first reported by the Noble Prize John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh, in 1897, who observed the effect that electric charge had on water jets [1]. It was studied deeper by Zeleny and patented by Formhals in 1934, who presented a setting for the fabrication of textile fibers using a voltage of… Continue reading Electrospinning, an overview