Hydrophobic coatings I

Hydrophobicity phenomena are present in nature; in the leaves of plants such as Nelumbo nucifera (lotus), in the wings of butterflies, or in the legs of water striders. It is also a leading surface property for corrosion protection, as hydrophobic surfaces are water and aqueous electrolytes repellant, anti-icing, bio-corrosion and anti-fouling [1]. These properties can… Continue reading Hydrophobic coatings I

Sol-gel and architecture I: anti-reflective coatings

The use of light building envelopes, made of materials such as steel and glass, has progressively substituted the traditional concrete and brick structures. This change poses new design challenges in order to control parameters such as the solar factor, the thermal transmittance, visual transmittance, reflection index, among others [1]. The thermal and energetic efficiency of… Continue reading Sol-gel and architecture I: anti-reflective coatings